Author Cathal Morrow to float himself on the Stock Exchange | Books | The Guardian

Author Cathal Morrow Cathal Morrow . . . “The more ‘famous’ I become the greater the value of me.” Photograph: Denis Doyle

Publicity might be the lifeblood of the book trade these days but author Cathal Morrow is going public in more ways than one with plans to float himself on the London Stock Exchange. Having previously wangled sponsorship from a private equity company to fund a year without lying – he’s writing up his exploits as the book Yes We Kant – Morrow is hopeful that patrons looking for a more unusual investment will back this latest project, Me Me Me Plc.

“Rather than one company owning part of the intellectual property of a project, a lot of people will own a smaller part of me,” he says. Morrow is offering a total of 30,000 shares in himself at £10 a piece (he’s retaining 30%, “the vital organs and so forth”). Because he’s not legally allowed to sell shares in himself, what investors are actually buying is a signed photo of the author, with the shares given for free. Morrow is also looking for non-executive directors and sponsors.

via Author Cathal Morrow to float himself on the Stock Exchange | Books | The Guardian.

I always wondered if something like this were possible…apparently this guy put more thought into it than I did though. Also, only 30% retained? Um, I’m pretty sure that means if the shareholders get together, they can tell you what to do, and it’s legally binding. Methinks this has to violate a slavery law or two…


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