Wisconsin public union fight brings threats of layoffs, recalls – CSMonitor.com

Meanwhile, political opponents fighting Walker’s effort to severely rein in unions have begun recall procedures against the eight Republican state senators eligible for recall this year. (Under Wisconsin law, elected officials in office for at least a year may be recalled. Since he was elected governor just last fall, Walker himself could not yet be recalled.)

The Service Employees International Union and the liberal group MoveOn.org are pushing the recall effort. At the same time, conservative groups have registered to gather signatures for a measure that would boot from office six of the eight Democratic senators in office long enough to be recalled.

via Wisconsin public union fight brings threats of layoffs, recalls – CSMonitor.com.

And there you have it…looks like it’ll be the People of Wisconsin who win this fight, when the two parties get together and throw each other out of office. And this is why I oppose bipartisanship in many instances…because when they’re at each other’s throats (and not just pretending to be for the campaign ads), the actual people of this nation are left more leeway to do the governance, as is our job. If only this would happen more on a Federal level, and take away the artificial support which is the only thing corporations are propped up by, maybe we’d be getting somewhere. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Oh, and btw, Wisconsin? If you go and elect more of these Red/Blue cronies, the position you’ll put yourself will be nobody’s fault but your own. Time to start organizing. Unlike in the conflicts in the Middle East, you guys still have Internet.


One Response to “Wisconsin public union fight brings threats of layoffs, recalls – CSMonitor.com”

  1. The real question is: How will they make a quorum when there aren’t even enough elected officials to do so?

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