BBC News – Ivory Coast crisis: Gbagbo orders state cocoa control



Ivory Coast’s disputed President Laurent Gbagbo has ordered the government to take control of all cocoa purchases and exports.

A decree read out on state TV said the purchase from producers “will be undertaken exclusively by the state”.

Alassane Ouattara, internationally recognised as president, earlier called for a temporary ban on exports to try to force Mr Gbagbo from power.

Ivory Coast is the world’s biggest cocoa producer.The country’s industry accounts for 40% of global supplies and is currently dominated by multinational companies.

The price of cocoa has been trading at its highest levels for a year, as supplies have been strangled by recent sanctions and the near collapse of the banking system.

via BBC News – Ivory Coast crisis: Gbagbo orders state cocoa control.

News on the state of chocolate in the world. And you know, a major human rights issue over in Africa…but I imagine most readers will be more concerned with the chocolate. When faced with buying more chocolate, or opposing oppression, well, the oppressors usually win 10-1. I guess the point is, now you have more reason to feel guilty when eating that chocolate.


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