Why ‘Wisconsin 14’ are ready to return: They think they’re winning – CSMonitor.com

Democrats might have better reasons than simple fatigue for returning to Madison: they can’t live in Illinois forever, and they think they can now claim victory anyway.

Why do Wisconsin Democrats think they’ve won? Because – and this is a Democratic theory, mind you – even if Gov. Walker prevails and the Senate passes his budget bill with its collective bargaining limitations, he’s lost the war.

Polls show state voters don’t like the provision. Recall efforts have been mounted against both Republican and Democratic senators, and Republicans may lose their statehouse majority in that political scrum.

The Democrats have succeeded in making a big deal of the collective bargaining issue, and that, for the moment, may be all they can do.

“Our action gave the people of Wisconsin their voice back, and they are not going to be silent any longer about the assault on workers and the middle class,” Democratic state Sen. Robert Jauch told the Washington Post.

It’s certainly possible that the whole recall thing will scramble Wisconsin politics. Recall efforts have now been launched against eight Senate Republicans and eight Senate Democrats – almost half of the 33-member chamber. (Most senators not facing recall efforts just haven’t been in office long enough to be targeted, under Wisconsin state law.)

via Why ‘Wisconsin 14’ are ready to return: They think they’re winning – CSMonitor.com.

Looks like things are finally drawing to a close in Wisconsin… It’ll be interesting if enough of these recall efforts are successful to make ALL business of government impossible, as no quorum can be met… I’m not entirely sure the Democratic theory on the matter is entirely correct, but it does seem that it put enough pressure and focus on the matter that it will at the very least not go through as originally planned.


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