The Maiden frontier – Focus – Al Jazeera English



And it is here that the group’s unique philosophy offers interesting lessons for its large fanbase across the Arab and Muslim worlds – a young generation that is struggling to define a new role for themselves and the region in a globalised system that, much like the music business, seems rigged against them.

First and foremost, do not play their game. Neoliberalism, the dominant system of globalisation, will never produce greater prosperity, democracy or sustainable development for the vast majority of the peoples of the region, precisely because this model of economic integration inevitably concentrates wealth, and through it power, in fewer hands.

Of course, this process suits autocratic elites and the relatively small but politically crucial class of citizens who benefit from such policies just fine. But for average Egyptians, Moroccans or Syrians, this paradigm has brought few if any benefits.

Secondly, think historically, stay true to your roots, and “do it yourself”. One of the main reasons why heavy metal, and Maiden in particular, are so popular across the Middle East and Muslim world is precisely because the genre, and the band, represents a “DIY,” or do it yourself, philosophy that has allowed artists and fans to avoid the compromises that have plagued other genres like hiphop and mainstream rock.

For centuries the peoples of the Arab and Muslim world have been told that they had to follow someone else’s model. They have had to contend with policies imposed from above and outside – first through colonialism and then again, beginning in the 1970s, through the “structural adjustment programmes” that have been at the heart of IMF, World Bank and other Washington consensus policies towards the region.

via The Maiden frontier – Focus – Al Jazeera English.

I can think of no better group to be influencing the modernization of the Middle East. And that Bruce Dickinson is a Thelemite is the icing on the cake.


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