Libya: Reuters Hoaxes The World–EXPOSED! (Part 1) | Truth Frequency News



For Immediate Release:

As we’ve been watching the conflict in Libya play out exactly like the war in Iraq, and being keen to their tricks and tactics, we began examining pictures, videos and other evidence to lead us to the conclusion that this entire ordeal is a CIA-backed coup. We believe there is actually very little conflict (if any) aside from the false flags perpetuated by the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD in a UN takeover of the region. Considering the internet blackout disabling the people’s ability to speak, Russia Today’s interviews with the people of Libya, and the great oracle John McCain’s prophecy that Gaddofi will bomb his own oil reserves, a clearer picture began to form.

The first huge red flag was a picture by Reuter’s photojournalist Asmaa Waguih with the caption:

“Protester looks at the pictures of protesters who were killed during the last few days during the uprising against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi city, Libya, February 23, 2011.”

This photo is posted on several blogs across the internet with the caption and credits to Reuters. At first glance the photo looks convincing but looking at it for more than one second, a huge mistake sticks out. The date, 06/29/1996 with the number 1200 is printed right next to it. If this is a picture of “a protester looking at photos of protesters who were killed during the last few days”, then what does the date mean??

On June 29, 1996, there was a massacre at Abu Salim (also spelled Abu Slim) Prison and the families have been demanding justice. The picture is from a memorial commemorating the victims and NOT as the captions claim.

MORE INFORMATION: The protest allegedly took place in February 2011. A clearer picture of this “wall” is found on Wikipedia. We understand wikipedia is not a 100% reliable source of information but the picture allows us to see the banner much more clearly. Click Here.

However, protests have occurred many times in the past for the exact same cause. There is NO TELLING WHEN these pictures took place however the point is to determine WHAT the pictures depict, not WHEN the pictures took place.

via Libya: Reuters Hoaxes The World–EXPOSED! (Part 1) | Truth Frequency News.

Well then. Not to say this necessarily means the whole thing is a show, but it certainly opens the door for some justified skepticism…


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