White House wants new copyright law crackdown | Privacy Inc. – CNET News



Some of the highlights:

• The White House is concerned that “illegal streaming of content” may not be covered by criminal law, saying “questions have arisen about whether streaming constitutes the distribution of copyrighted works.” To resolve that ambiguity, it wants a new law to “clarify that infringement by streaming, or by means of other similar new technology, is a felony in appropriate circumstances.”

• Under federal law, wiretaps may only be conducted in investigations of serious crimes, a list that was expanded by the 2001 Patriot Act to include offenses such as material support of terrorism and use of weapons of mass destruction. The administration is proposing to add copyright and trademark infringement, arguing that move “would assist U.S. law enforcement agencies to effectively investigate those offenses.”

• Under the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, it’s generally illegal to distribute hardware or software–such as the DVD-decoding software Handbrake available from a server in France–that can “circumvent” copy protection technology. The administration is proposing that if Homeland Security seizes circumvention devices, it be permitted to “inform rightholders,” “provide samples of such devices,” and assist “them in bringing civil actions.”

The term “fair use” does not appear anywhere in the report. But it does mention Web sites like The Pirate Bay, which is hosted in Sweden, when warning that “foreign-based and foreign-controlled Web sites and Web services raise particular concerns for U.S. enforcement efforts.” (See previous coverage of a congressional hearing on overseas sites.)

via White House wants new copyright law crackdown | Privacy Inc. – CNET News.

This needs to be fought politically, but then, you knew that when you saw the headline. This also needs to be fought directly, to let these thick-headed politicians and lawyers know that they’re fighting an impossible battle. Wherever possible, PLEASE, switch to using Anomos instead of BitTorrent (this mostly applies to anyone creating new torrents, as Anomos has not yet really taken off). There is simply no good reason not to use anonymity measures in P2P transfers, and Anomos uses a measure similar to TOR (onion routing) to provide strong anonymity in concert with strong encryption, without bringing along with it the security and privacy issues that have been brought up many times stemming from using Bittorrent directly over TOR (not to mention the really bad netiquette). As for streaming sites, well, not much luck there, just given that anonymity measures generally make for slower speeds, which makes for bad streaming, but I guess the same old advice applies: host overseas (Iceland’s economy would definitely appreciate the help).

And of course, if you’re on a college campus/network, this all applies ten times as much. The reason we avoid this being crushed is because we keep innovating and moving forward…stagnate and their measures will eventually catch up and conquer. And nobody likes getting sued for millions of dollars for downloading crappy industry music anyway.


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