Activist Post: 3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Radiation NATURALLY

The escalating crisis in Japan has led many of us to start thinking about serious radiation exposure from the worst threat of all — nuclear fallout, which has resulted in a lot of impulse buying of the most common treatment, Potassium Iodide, to the point that it is disappearing all together. But fear not, there are many other natural ways to protect ourselves from radiation poisoning that we should be taking on a regular basis to combat all forms of daily radiation.

Herbs There are several easy-to-obtain herbs that can be used for your protection. One of the best herbal protectors against radiation is Rosemary which contains Carnosic and Rosmarinic acids. According to Natural News, two different studies were done in Spain showing the positive effects of using Rosemary. It fights radiation damage to cells and rids the body of DNA damaging free radicals. It is readily available at any grocery or health food store, or can be grown in a windowsill herb garden, while being a wonderful addition to many meals. Herbs such as Cilantro help to remove heavy metals from the body, while others such as Dandelion help to rid the body of free radicals and protect the liver.

Key Foods Obviously a healthy diet is a great start for having a body capable of removing some of the toxins related to radiation, as well as to strengthen the immune system. Some foods, though, are more helpful in the event of excess radiation. Any food containing caffeic acid, such as apples, citrus fruits, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage offer support. In a study done in India, caffeic acid was injected into cells and then those cells were subjected to varying degrees of radiation, while the control group was not. In all of the cells injected with the acid, there was no damage to the cells at all. The control group showed various degrees of genetic damage. Another food source of great protection is seaweed (kelp, spirulina, brown algae), due to its natural iodine content and ability to slow the accumulation of nuerotoxic metals. Buckwheat, tumeric, ginko, and any potassium-rich foods are also great ways to protect yourself.

Vitamins and supplements Simple vitamins receive very little attention for their anti-radiation benefits. The British Journal of Radiology reports that Vitamin C, E, and beta carotene are all effective tools for protection against radiation. Vitamin C can protect against radiation as well as repair damage done to cells from previous exposure. Calcium, magnesium, and bee pollen are also key supplements that should be added to a healthy, balanced diet.

via Activist Post: 3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Radiation NATURALLY.

In planning your meals in the wake of this catastrophe, taking this information into account should be a relatively cheap and level headed approach to take. Rushing for the iodine pills is a bit drastic (though having them on hand makes all of the sense in the world, just in case), but doing nothing seems a little too unphased by global radiation clouds for my liking. Healthy foods that taste good and fight radiation that we all encounter daily seems to be a pretty good middle way.


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