‘Deep Subconscious’ Responses to Advertising Now Available via Headset

Boy, if you think Facebook (News – Alert) tracking what you post so they can show targeted ads on the right-hand side of your page was a bit much, you’d better sit down.

In what they consider to be a Good Thing, market researchers say they now can capture data on consumers’ “deep subconscious responses in real time wirelessly.”

They claim this is the equivalent of “revolutionizing mobile in-store market research and media consumption at home.”

They’re talking about Mynd, which manufacturer NeuroFocus describes as “the world’s first wireless full-brain EEG measurement headset.”

Obviously, as company officials claim, it “opens up new testing environments to consumers beyond the lab, such as the home, outdoor venues, movie theaters, shopping malls, and auditoriums with data being streamed to platforms, including the iPad, iPhone (News – Alert) and other smart devices.”

Or as industry observer Raggy Jin writes, “This medical-grade mobile brain scanning hat will stream our consumer perceptions into a salesman or analyst’s smartphone, where it will be used to further hone the advertising machine that already demands our attention everywhere we go.” Uh, progress, folks. Progress.

Dr. A. K. Pradeep, Chief Executive Officer of NeuroFocus, terms Mynd a product of “medical-grade scientific precision,” a “neuromarketing breakthrough providing new opportunities for our clients to gain critical knowledge and insights into how consumers perceive their brands, products, packaging, in-store marketing, and advertising at the deep subconscious level in real time.”

Last May TMC (News – Alert) had the news that when the programming executives and research managers at A&E Television Networks decided they wanted a deeper understanding of how viewers responded to advertising in one of their hit shows, they asked NeuroFocus to apply this “21st century marketing science” to plumb the depths of consumers’ subconscious reactions to the program content of “Intervention” and the advertising contained within this series.

via ‘Deep Subconscious’ Responses to Advertising Now Available via Headset.

You might think of EEG’s as merely medical technology, but then, you might be wrong. Now, direct brain scanning is coming to an advertiser near you! Next step: inserting ads INTO your brain directly. Isn’t the future great?

The good news, of course, is that this appears to only work if you’re actually wearing the headset. I’m wondering how they plan to deploy this… My guess is wireless cellular headsets.


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