Terry Jones: How his Quran burning helps the Taliban – CSMonitor.com



Much of the support stems from the inability of many people here to contextualize the March 20 Quran burning. A translator who works for a fellow journalist here in Kabul did not know that Florida pastor Terry Jones was the same person who threatened to burn the Quran last September.

This led to the perception that many Americans share his beliefs, even if he heads a small church of about 30 people who have so little support that they’ve had to sell their furniture on eBay to stay afloat. Mr. Jones is now trying to sell the church property.

In a place like Afghanistan, where the vast majority of the populace is illiterate and many lack regular access to reliable news outlets, perception and rumors often become more important than facts. Now that the story of the Quran burning has spread, it almost does not matter how strongly US officials – from President Barack Obama to Gen. David Petraeus – condemn Jones’s actions. The damage has been done.

via Terry Jones: How his Quran burning helps the Taliban – CSMonitor.com.

Well, that does certainly help put things into perspective. If only this information could get spread around Afghanistan nice and quickly. Google, go redeem yourself and make more powerful voice-to-text and text-to-voice powered computers (or tablet apps) using the various Afghani languages and hand them out for free. As expensive as it would be, I’m sure it’d be cheaper than the cost of all the munitions and personnel even in the last few months put together. And of course, they may be skeptical of these gadgets…so make sure to include a Koran audiobook with each device. Hell, throw in some learn-to-read software too while you’re at it.


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