Truck Drivers Told They Need To Pay A Licensing Fee To Listen To Music While Driving | Techdirt

Over the last few years, we’ve noted that various collection societies around the globe have become both more aggressive and more ridiculous in trying to get people to pay licensing fees for listening to music. Among the crazy stories that have popped up are cases of collection societies demanding cash from a woman who played music for her horses in a stable, a police station told to pay up because some police officers had a radio on and the public entering the station could hear it, hotels being told they need to pay an extra performance license because guests listen to radios in their rooms and, of course, the claim that ringtones (even legally licensed ringtones) require another license as a public performance. In some cases, these societies apparently hire people to just call up businesses and if they hear music in the background, they demand payment.

Every time we post this kind of thing, people joke that it won’t be long before they want to charge people a separate license for listening to music in your car with the windows rolled down. We haven’t quite reached that point yet, but the Belgian collection society SABAM, who was recently caught accepting payments for made up bands, is now claiming that truck drivers listening to the radio need to pay a performance fee as well, since the cabs of their trucks are technically their “workplace.”

via Truck Drivers Told They Need To Pay A Licensing Fee To Listen To Music While Driving | Techdirt.

Just…wow. How long before you can listen to the radio in your car, but if you roll the windows down, it requires a licensing fee? This is just plain absurd. One more reason to join the Pirate Party!


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