BBC News – Classic Commodore 64 lives again



Commodore is making a Windows PC that fits inside a boxy beige shell that looks exactly like its original C64.

The 8-bit machine was released in 1982, had 64 kilobytes of memory and became one of the best-selling computers ever.

Commodore’s updated version will run Windows 7 but also has an emulator capable of playing games written for its ancestor.

Commodore has started taking orders for the C64x, priced at $595 £364, and said the machines would ship between May and June. It is expected to appear in shops later in the year.

The machine’s internal hardware will be based around a dual-core Intel Atom D525, a chip typically found in notebook computers.

via BBC News – Classic Commodore 64 lives again.

Well, that’s interesting. I would be happier if they stuck more along the lines of their original architecture, upgraded of course, to bring a third major computer type into the market, but this still has its pluses. Let’s see if they go ahead and bring the Amiga back at some point as well… The Amiga OS is STILL in development, though purely under emulated systems these days. I’m SURE it would make quite a few in the BBS scene happy, nevermind the benefits for artists…


One Response to “BBC News – Classic Commodore 64 lives again”

  1. Looks like they ARE doing the Amiga system as well, though after the C64 line. AND, it even looks like they’re even still pushing forward with their own OS, rather than just supporting Windows (though it looks like you may still be able to pick between the two, and probably even dual-boot). OMGOMGOMG…we finally have another major competitor with the MS/Apple duopoly (and yea, I know, *nixes are always still around, but they’re a rarity to get preinstalled on a system for home use).

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