In a government shutdown, who will pay US military? –



One of the more politically sensitive prospects facing Congress in a potential government shutdown is whether US troops will continue to get their paychecks.

But on this point, the Pentagon has been mute, leading some to suggest that the Obama administration might be using the specter of the US military going without pay to pressure Republicans into a deal.

In response to a question about rumors that US troops at war will stop receiving their paychecks as of April 15, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said Tuesday, “I don’t have a definitive answer … to relay to our forces in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

via In a government shutdown, who will pay US military? –

Let’s see…not allowed to leave, forced to continue taking orders and performing duties, and not being paid. Yea, that pretty much defines slavery. Oh, and don’t forget about the Gulf seafood they’re being fed… Way to support our troops.

And as for the seafood issue, for those of you with loved ones in the military, or in the military yourselves, it’s time to feign a seafood allergy. I don’t care if that chicken is rotting and crawling with maggots, it’s healthier than eating fish from the Gulf of Mexico. Same goes for school children, prisoners, and Walmart customers. People are dying left and right from this stuff, there are gag orders on data because it’s being classified as “evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation.” Nevermind the radiation from Japan, the toxins from the Gulf of Mexico are much more likely to kill you.


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