Exclusive: Obama has taken a ‘profoundly troubling’ position on assassinations, ACLU tells Raw | The Raw Story



The “kill list,” which Rizzo said he signed off on during his time at the agency, contains about 30 civilians or “unlawful combatants” to be targeted and killed.

In 2010, the ACLU sued the Obama administration after it was leaked that Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen, was on the government’s “kill list.”

“The Predator [drone] is the weapon of choice, but it could also be someone putting a bullet in your head,” Rizzo told the magazine.

“It’s a radical departure that the administration has taken from historical practice,” Jaffer told Raw Story. “The administration has taken the position that it has the authority — not just in traditional war zones like Afghanistan, but far away from traditional war zones in places like Somalia or Yemen — to use lethal force against anyone whom the administration concludes is an enemy of the United States.”

“To us, that’s a profoundly troubling assertion. The reality is that many Americans trust the Obama administration with this power. Even if it’s justifiable to trust this administration with that power — and I’m not sure that it is — but even if it is justifiable, you have to consider what the next administration will do with this power. It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to come up with a scenario where a power like this could be abused,” he said.

via Exclusive: Obama has taken a ‘profoundly troubling’ position on assassinations, ACLU tells Raw | The Raw Story.

So what Obama really meant when he said he not only smoked, but also inhaled marijuana is that he had partaken of the sacramental hashish offered by Hassan I-Sabbah. And no, that’s not me accusing him of being a Muslim…


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