Illinois debates keeping gun owners’ identities secret –



Legislation passed in the state House of Representatives Friday circumvents the efforts of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who is fighting to make the names and expiration dates of all state-issued firearm owner identification cards available through the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

Attorney General Madigan contends that citizens deserved to know who owns guns in their communities while gun rights advocates said the measure would lead to increased crime.

Illinois Rep. Richard Morthland (R), the bill’s sponsor, says “there is a pressing need to keep this information private.”

via Illinois debates keeping gun owners’ identities secret –

The idea of publicizing the names and addresses of all gun owners is hardly even worth commenting on, as it’s quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It should always be assumed that ANYONE you’re talking to or near is in possession of a firearm, because whether they’d be on this list or not, it is still a possibility, as they could have a firearm either illegally (something that makes little sense in a country where the right to bear arms is not to be restricted…), or, they could have an out of state license and thus not be on this registry. All privacy matters aside, this is simply a bad idea even for gun opponents, leaving them with a sense of security that is in every way false, and giving them no useful information.

Good thing it looks highly unlikely that it will succeed.


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