Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China | China | Epoch Times



Several Chinese media have recently reported that the Department of Health of Guangdong Province has confirmed that people in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong have fallen ill after being infected with an unknown virus. The patients think they have AIDS, but they test negative for HIV.

Guangdong has organized clinical experts, epidemiologists and psychologists to work together on these cases. The Health Ministry has also selected six provinces with more patients, including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu and Guangdong, to conduct epidemiological studies, but there are no results yet, the reports said.

In most of the 30 cases investigated by New Express Daily for its March 24 report, people said their relatives and friends are also infected. Most of the 30 patients were infected through sexual contact. Some experts diagnosed them as having AIDS phobia.

However, the disease seems to be highly contagious and can spread by contact via any bodily fluid—through kissing, shared utensils, sweat, and even protected sex. Once infected, the immune system appears to be attacked, which results in a decrease of white blood cells and the body’s ability to defend against infectious disease and foreign materials.

via Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China | China | Epoch Times.

So, basically, there’s a disease that has similar symptoms to AIDS that is transmissible much more easily, and we don’t know what it is at all. And so far, this Chinese news source is the only one I’ve seen covering it. Are we all still sure the CIA didn’t invent HIV? And that they’re not at it again? And that they haven’t COMPLETELY FUCKING LOST THEIR MINDS if they released something this dangerous into the world?

I wish I could give advice, such as preventative techniques, but given the lack of information about this, any advice would essentially turn people into extreme OCD cases if followed, without even knowing it’s beneficial…and frankly, if you want to go to that length, I’m sure you can do it without my help.


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