Orlando can restrict feeding the homeless, rules 11th Circuit – CSMonitor.com

In a decision announced Tuesday, a federal appeals court ruled against the group, Orlando Food Not Bombs, and gave a green light to city officials to enforce an ordinance restricting weekly feeding of the homeless in downtown parks.

“The city is in a far better position than this court to determine how best to manage the burden that large group feedings place on neighborhoods in the city,” Circuit Judge William Pryor wrote for the unanimous decision of the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.

In a 15-page decision, the court said it was assuming, without deciding, that feeding the homeless in a public park was a form of expressive conduct entitled to some level of protection under the First Amendment.

But the court went on to decide that the city’s ordinance was a reasonable time, place, and manner restriction on the free speech rights of Orlando Food Not Bombs.

“The ordinance as applied to the feedings of homeless persons by Orlando Food Not Bombs does not violate the free speech clause of the First Amendment,” Pryor wrote.

The action reverses a federal judge’s injunction that had permanently blocked the city from enforcing an ordinance restricting the use of downtown parks for large-scale feedings.

via Orlando can restrict feeding the homeless, rules 11th Circuit – CSMonitor.com.

Freedom of speech? Sure, I can see that, and that should be more protected than it was. But what about Freedom of Assembly? There are not usually capacity restrictions on public parks, and one would assume these are all people allowed to be in the park in the first place…what difference does it make if they happen to be sharing food with each other??

Oh, right, the yuppies think it looks dirty, and god forbid their privileged neighborhood be tarnished by the “lower class” being in one place at the same time, and that they should have to *gasp* look at them.

And people wonder why their cars get destroyed when they park in the ghetto. This is disgusting. But then, so is Florida in general.


One Response to “Orlando can restrict feeding the homeless, rules 11th Circuit – CSMonitor.com”

  1. So I’m homeless, does that equate me to pidgeon status? Now instead of signs saying dont feed the animals there will be signs saying dont feed the homeless. Homeless people will still go to those parks theyll just have to panhandle longer hours so they can afford to eat. Good job florida!

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