Obama moves forward with Internet ID plan | Privacy Inc. – CNET News

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat who also spoke today at the Chamber event, seemed to veer a bit off-message–and instead of touting anonymity, she stressed the importance of aiding law enforcement.

Protecting civil liberties is important, Mikulski said. “But the first civil liberty is to be able to have a job, lead a life, and be able to buy what you want in the way we now buy it, which is through credit cards.”

via Obama moves forward with Internet ID plan | Privacy Inc. – CNET News.

Did she really just say that? That our most important civil liberty was buying things with credit cards? Yea…someone needs to give this lady a history lesson, because I’m pretty sure most of the founding fathers saw banking as more atrocious than monarchy…

And yea, I went with a small quote rather than a big section on this one, because it just stands out that far…the article is linked though, and the whole plan looks ridiculous. But, whatever, I’m sure that’ll become apparent once people start finding creative ways to exploit the trust they’ve now convinced people to have on the internet…


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