Apple Is A Religion: Neuroscientists Find Both Trigger The Same Reaction In Your Brain

The cult of Apple is real, according to neuroscientists.

They compared MRIs of Apple fans’ brains to those of people who call themselves “very religious” and found that Apple and religion light up the same part of the brain. This means that Apple triggers the same feelings and reactions in people as religion.

BBC highlights the finding in an upcoming documentary, Secrets of Superbrands.

The documentary also likens Apple Stores to cathedrals. “Apple stores often feature stone or other types of austere, simple flooring like a church with products mounted on pedestals like individual altars,” writes Inc’s Renee Oricchio.

Apple store launches are like religious experiences too. “The scenes I witnessed at the opening of the new Apple store in London’s Covent Garden were more like an evangelical prayer meeting than a chance to buy a phone or a laptop,” writes Alex Riley and Adam Boome of BBC.

“Inside the store, glassy-eyed staff were whipped up into a frenzy of excitement, jumping up and down, clapping and shouting. When the doors finally opened, they hysterically “high-fived” and cheered hundreds of delirious customers flooding in through the doors for hours on end.”

It seems Steve Jobs really is a God to some people.

via Apple Is A Religion: Neuroscientists Find Both Trigger The Same Reaction In Your Brain.

So…next time I say that Steve Jobs is a crazed cult leader, at least I now have peer reviewed scientific evidence to back it up with when people attempt to just shrug off the suggestion. And we also can now say without a doubt what Obama’s REAL religion is, and finally put to rest claims that he’s a Muslim. As I’m sure you all have seen in the pictures, he has a Macbook Pro, and thus, is clearly in the Cult of Apple.


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