Anonymous Releases Nude Photos Of BART Spokesman ≈ Packet Storm

THE HACKTIVIST COLLECTIVE Anonymous has upheld its reputation for being cheeky and released nude images of BART spokesman Linton Johnson.

Anonymous is no fan of BART since it shut down mobile signals to aid the police in an investigation and has taken to hacking its web sites, releasing member information and protesting at its light-rail stations.

Its latest assault, releasing images of Johnson’s tackle is a below the belt hit, if you’ll excuse the pun, according to some, but is quite just if you listen to the hacktivists.

“If you are going to be a dick to the public, then Im sure you dont mind showing your dick to the public…. Umad Bro? #Bartlulz”, a hacker wrote in a message accompanying the unfortunate photograph, which sees Johnson and an unidentified man – whose face has been replaced with the Lulzsec logo – along with Johnson’s own johnson exposed.

It is possible that this is a wild release, as there is little comment on it from the main Anonymous accounts or feeds. Although we tried, against our best judgement, to download a file posted on a file sharing web site called “Linton Johnson is his own worst enemy”, the file was set to private.

The source of the leak seems to be an Opbart twitter account. “Hey @OpBART, don’t be the douche who releases Linton’s photos. That’s a very low road to take, sir,” says a message from Anonyops that is directed at the account.nd their choice of targets tends to be spot on.

Opbart blamed Johnson himself for the leak and, having posted a link to a Mobileme listing that has apparently since been removed, wrote, “Anonymous didn’t post pictures of Linton Johnson. Linton Johnson did.”

Anonymous Releases Nude Photos Of BART Spokesman ≈ Packet Storm.

They may not be great hackers, but dammit, they’re funny sometimes.


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