Humanoid robot wakes in space, tweets

Robonaut 2 aka R2, the first humanoid robot to become a permanent resident of the International Space Station ISS, was awakened from stasis this week after six months in orbit. R2′s first words? “Those electrons feel GOOD!”No, really. Although we strongly suspect someone fed R2 that corny line. Actually, with the assistance of the Robonaut ground team R2 has been tweeting for more than a year — even while sleeping!R2 arrived on the ISS in February, having hitched a ride there on the space shuttle Discovery’s final mission. But due to the astronauts’ hectic schedule of shuttle missions and science experiments, the crew was unable to do more than unpack it until now.

via Humanoid robot wakes in space, tweets.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Make sure to stay up on robot news, or before you know it, your idea of what is futuristic and unrealistic will wind up being m accurately termed “last year’s toys”… Definitely some exciting stuff going on in the field lately.


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