Minority Report facial recognition advertising has arrived | ExtremeTech

Facial recognition by store windows and posters, Minority Report-style, has now started slowly seeping into society. This technology, as it stands, has the ability to tailor digital displays to whoever stops and looks at an advertisement — or, with some clever camera positioning, even for people walking some distance away from the window.

Powered by Intel software and running on NEC displays, facial recognition technology is the next step in targeted advertising. Just imagine a shoe shop where the entire front window is an LCD or OLED display: If you’re a teenager and you stop to peer into the window, the software would show you an ad for some colorful kicks; if you’re older, or perhaps sporting a traveler’s wild beard, the screen might show some sensible walking shoes. Likewise, a menu outside a restaurant could highlight food that the owner thinks you’ll be most interested in.

via Minority Report facial recognition advertising has arrived | ExtremeTech.

Did anyone notice that Philip K. Dick was writing about a future that we should be trying to AVOID? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the dark cyberpunk world makes for some very interesting and admirable characters and antiheroes, but really, when it comes down to it, I don’t really think that aiming for it is the wisest course we could take…


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