Is North Korea Addicted To Meth? | Disinformation

Is North Korea Addicted To Meth? | Disinformation

Could between a quarter and half of the North Korean population be meth users? SINO-NK reports:

Though the North Korean government would never admit to outsiders that there is a drug problem in the country, the Daily NK has filed many reports over the past several years suggesting that “bingdu” (meth) is available practically at epidemic levels inside the DPRK. Articles claim, among other things, that commodity prices rise and fall depending on the harshness of ongoing crackdowns on bingdu; that middle schoolers in Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province, were caught producing bingdu; that teenagers give it as a birthday gift to peers; and, most recently, that Kim Jong-Un had ordered a crackdown on bingdu producers, sellers, and users.

Quotes from defectors and sources who spoke to the Daily NK report that anywhere from ¼ to ½ of the population in North Korea are using the drug. And as reported by Isaac Stone Fish in Newsweek, bingdu is often taken as a replacement for medicine in the DPRK. The general consensus appears to be that the North Korean government has taken a backseat to its citizens when it comes to the production and distribution of meth.

via Is North Korea Addicted To Meth? | Disinformation.

Given methamphetamine’s ability to ease hunger pains, give energy (despite not having eaten), and generally produce a feeling of euphoria (despite living in, you know, NORTH KOREA, this really isn’t too shocking. Kind of surprising, but not shocking once thought about.


3 Responses to “Is North Korea Addicted To Meth? | Disinformation”

  1. Interesting story- thanks for sharing. While I don’t know the source well enough to comment, and hence take some of the claims with a grain of salt- humans always have, and always will- use drugs. And methamphetamine seems like a drug that would be popular under the conditions in North Korea.
    Indeed- there have been some credible reports that many of North Koreans foreign diplomats and the like took to drug-smuggling to fund overseas operations due to the states lack of money.

    • Interesting. I imagine they’d have had a hard time making MUCH money that way, due to methamphetamine being fairly cheap to produce most anywhere in the world, even despite regulations on pseudoephedrine and ephedra in the US and possibly other countries. It’d certainly be able to bring them in a few grand here and there anyway.

  2. ^^ I honestly don’t remember for sure if it was meth, or other drugs they were reported to be smuggling. Of course- government sanctioned labs and diplomatic pouches reduce a LOT of the costs associated with illict drugs.

    I remember years, and years ago- during the “Truth and reconcilliation” age in South Africa, reading of SA Chemistssponsored by the government who became substantial producers of LSD, MDMA, and other drugs in an attempt to bring the state money after sanctions were put into place.

    And of course- Iran/Contra, heroin, air america and the montagards in the vietnam era, heroin and hash and the afghanistan mess with both russia and the US…

    Despite their protests, many governments, including the big ones, have a rich/sordid history with supplying drugs…

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