About Me

Well, I’m just your average…well, I don’t know how average I am, but that’s not important.  Basically, I go through a few hundred articles a day, with all manner of subscriptions in my RSS aggregator, and pick out the interesting stuff to share with you all on here.  What’s the interesting stuff, you might ask?  Well, the themes tend to include cyberpunk, civil liberties (heavy on free speech), survivalism, “conspiracy theory”, globalization, occultism, computer security, and particularly dangerous actions being taken by the governments and corporations of the world, as well as new gear (physical or virtual) that I come across that looks particularly useful, or at least fun..  All commentary feedback is welcome, as are submissions.

As for the title of the site…  It has to do with a number of things, including the story of Psyche and Eros from Greek mythology, as well as the general interplay of the mind and heart in the world at every turn.  And, beyond that, it just kind of came to me from the handle I’ve been using (cykros), so it seemed a fitting title.  If none of that makes sense, just try not to read into it too much.  And sorry for anyone who expected to find erotica here depicting psychopaths, as that’s just not what this blog is all about.

Also, if you’re looking for a more conventional social networking way to contact and keep up with me, I’m on the Diaspora* social network at cykros@diasp.org. Let me know you’re adding from the blog so I know to accept and categorize you in my list.


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